Justin and Hayley, owners of Pumula Surf Camp, both grew up on the South Coast, but have traveled all over Europe, Bali, Ireland and the UK. After being out of the country for many years, they decided to come back and settle on the South Coast. Owning Pumula Surf Camp is their dream and they love doing what they do. They also have 2 daughters who are learning to share the surfing, yoga, healthy living lifestyle with them. Both their girls Ella and Zoe are home-schooled and love the freedom that this gives them to surf and get in plenty of beach time, inbetween school work of course.
Justin co-owns the local legendary Surf Factory with his mom and his brother. He is a South African pro surfer and got his South African Surfing colours when he went over to Brazil to represent South Africa at the World Games in 1994. He also dominated the South African Junior champs. Justin is a brilliant surfer, and a great surf coach. He still competes nationally every year in the South African National Surfing Championships. He is a true local and has been surfing these oceans for over 20 years. He loves sharing his passion with his students. Justin makes sure that all the Pumula Surf Camp coaches are very well trained, up to International Standards. All Pumula Surf Camp Instructors are professional and will make sure you are safe and have the best waves, they will get you up and surfing in no time.
Our nutritional kitchen is run by Hayley, host and co-owner of Pumula Surf camp. Hayley was a vegetarian for 15 years and is a former restaurant owner, she also completed a course in hotel management. Hayley is now a mother and housewife, with a passion for nutrition, healthy cooking, healthy eating and healthy living. Hayley cooks the most delicious meals and its definitely worth booking a meal or 2, the breakfasts are especially lovely, and they are sometimes served on the beach, there really is nothing like nice hot, fresh filter coffee and fresh homemade muffins on the beach. Dinners are sometimes served on the beach, around a beach bonfire, with some guitars and music, this truly is a treat.
Hayley, Justin their family and the Pumula Surf Camp team, really do make you feel like a part of the family. The joy and pleasure of a smaller Surf Camp, run by the owners and locals, is the wealth of local knowledge that gets shared around a few cold beers at the end of the day of surfing. The fact that these guys are very hands on, makes you get the best experience ever. You really should book your place and come see and experience this incredible gem of a Surf Camp.

Justin, 2nd from right winning the Jeep        Ella Maisch learning to surf from her dad, Justin
Retro and Longboard contest